Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lisa Mae falls off the wagon--Temporarily!

Hello Lovelies,

Well I've officially fallen of the wagon. No, not THAT wagon. I've been absent for a little while. What have I been up to? Well, after I had a bit of a nervous breakdown... Okay, I'm just kidding--mostly... *wink*

I left the virtual world because I needed some time for myself. I needed to clear my head, clear my schedule, reduce the amount of obligations I had. This year has been a whirlwind of Amazing. I've finished and published Rose Colored Glasses, launched this website, finished my first novel, started a new novel, started a new screenplay which is ALMOST finished, took on two new clients, one of which is the incomparible Tanya Brown, sister of the late Nicole Brown-Simpson. Together we are raising awareness on Domestic Violence and Relationship Violence. (Look for her at a college near you.) My other client is a brilliant motivational speaker and I want to be like her some day. So now I've joined Toastmasters and I'm on the road to creating my Motivational Speaking future! And the best part--three months earlier a wonderful idea for a book and workbook companion came to me in a dream. I imagine I will spend the next year and half working on it and living the philosophy. I'll share more on that later, but I'm super stoked! It will be a beautiful companion to my career.

As a result, my reality talkshow has been put on hold, just for a little while, while I manage a few things on my plate right now. But I've still got it on my calendar. Also, I will be having my first cable TV interview in September. More details on that later.

I also took my love relationship to the next level, and we all know how hectic that can get, right? We've just finished moving to a lovely place and are still unpacking, decorating and donating unwanted items/clothes to the Goodwill. So, thank God the move is over. But hello--domestic co-habitation. I don't even want to go into that right now... Can someone say MORE CLOSET SPACE!!!

What else? Oh, yeah--stress! I had a lot to deal with in the last two months. I went to Texas in June and ended up in the hospital--again. I'm beginning to think I am allergic to my family. I love them dearly, but why is it everytime I visit I always end up in the hospital? I'm seriously in debt now due to medical bills. I don't even have the option to take out a second loan on an imaginary mortgage. *sigh* Such is the life of a writer. But I wouldn't have it any other way!

By the way, my health has improved considerably. What a difference prayer and meditation make. (Not to mention body cleansing and proper diet an exercise.) I feel great--better than I have in a long while! And I'm starting a new business in that vein. I'll be sharing the details of all that VERY soon... Patience Dear One!

I'm still going to take time away from Myspace, which has a way of dominating my free time and making what little I time I have left in the day to write, nonexistent. I'll log on maybe once every six weeks or so to update and maybe by the end of the summer I can train myself well enough to get back into the swing of things without spending forever amount of hours chatting and posting comments. (Don't hang your head--it happens to the best of us.)

There's more to share but I am not letting any cats out of the bag. I want to keep them to myself until I can't possibly take it any longer. LOL! But I guess you can say I am jumping back on the wagon, the bandwagon that is. I'm jumping on the Lisa Mae Pro-Active 'Live Your Best Dreams' bandwagon. I'm going to be on here for a mighty long time... But I'll pop my head in and say hello to you.

Until the next time we meet, BE EXTRAORDINARY!!!

As always I send Love, Hugs and Inspiration,

Lisa Mae

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