Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lisa Mae falls off the wagon--Temporarily!

Hello Lovelies,

Well I've officially fallen of the wagon. No, not THAT wagon. I've been absent for a little while. What have I been up to? Well, after I had a bit of a nervous breakdown... Okay, I'm just kidding--mostly... *wink*

I left the virtual world because I needed some time for myself. I needed to clear my head, clear my schedule, reduce the amount of obligations I had. This year has been a whirlwind of Amazing. I've finished and published Rose Colored Glasses, launched this website, finished my first novel, started a new novel, started a new screenplay which is ALMOST finished, took on two new clients, one of which is the incomparible Tanya Brown, sister of the late Nicole Brown-Simpson. Together we are raising awareness on Domestic Violence and Relationship Violence. (Look for her at a college near you.) My other client is a brilliant motivational speaker and I want to be like her some day. So now I've joined Toastmasters and I'm on the road to creating my Motivational Speaking future! And the best part--three months earlier a wonderful idea for a book and workbook companion came to me in a dream. I imagine I will spend the next year and half working on it and living the philosophy. I'll share more on that later, but I'm super stoked! It will be a beautiful companion to my career.

As a result, my reality talkshow has been put on hold, just for a little while, while I manage a few things on my plate right now. But I've still got it on my calendar. Also, I will be having my first cable TV interview in September. More details on that later.

I also took my love relationship to the next level, and we all know how hectic that can get, right? We've just finished moving to a lovely place and are still unpacking, decorating and donating unwanted items/clothes to the Goodwill. So, thank God the move is over. But hello--domestic co-habitation. I don't even want to go into that right now... Can someone say MORE CLOSET SPACE!!!

What else? Oh, yeah--stress! I had a lot to deal with in the last two months. I went to Texas in June and ended up in the hospital--again. I'm beginning to think I am allergic to my family. I love them dearly, but why is it everytime I visit I always end up in the hospital? I'm seriously in debt now due to medical bills. I don't even have the option to take out a second loan on an imaginary mortgage. *sigh* Such is the life of a writer. But I wouldn't have it any other way!

By the way, my health has improved considerably. What a difference prayer and meditation make. (Not to mention body cleansing and proper diet an exercise.) I feel great--better than I have in a long while! And I'm starting a new business in that vein. I'll be sharing the details of all that VERY soon... Patience Dear One!

I'm still going to take time away from Myspace, which has a way of dominating my free time and making what little I time I have left in the day to write, nonexistent. I'll log on maybe once every six weeks or so to update and maybe by the end of the summer I can train myself well enough to get back into the swing of things without spending forever amount of hours chatting and posting comments. (Don't hang your head--it happens to the best of us.)

There's more to share but I am not letting any cats out of the bag. I want to keep them to myself until I can't possibly take it any longer. LOL! But I guess you can say I am jumping back on the wagon, the bandwagon that is. I'm jumping on the Lisa Mae Pro-Active 'Live Your Best Dreams' bandwagon. I'm going to be on here for a mighty long time... But I'll pop my head in and say hello to you.

Until the next time we meet, BE EXTRAORDINARY!!!

As always I send Love, Hugs and Inspiration,

Lisa Mae

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!!!

Hello Lovelies,

Well I've gone and done it! I've launched my website today! I'm super excited... Jen Govey and I have been working on this website for the last three weeks! It's been a labor of love and immense creativity! It's spawned a lovely burst of inspiration for the both of us and working on this project has brought us closer! If that can even possibly happen! *wink*

A million thanks and infinite gratitude to Jen Govey, who has been just absolutely AMAZING and is cheifly responsible for the creation of this project! You can read all about her here:

I'm also launching the publishing of my memoir, Rose Colored Glasses which has been a labor of Soul for the last two and half years. I cannot tell you what it took for me to write this book. The last year I've sat on the project shrouded in fear. Afraid of what everyone would say. Afraid of how my family would react, and how my friends would behave now they would know the Truth.
I've been silent most of my life and it took a lot of courage and tears and hyperventilation to finish this book. And even more courage to proceed in publishing it. I decided to self-publish because the more I thought about it, the more I felt compelled to keep the format of the book without someone else editing my thoughts and emotions. By self-publishing it I can keep myself, if you will, intact. It's not written in a 'mainstream' style, but I feel the story I wanted to tell is intact. I do hope people will 'pardon' the traditional literary rules and recognize and embrace the story I am sharing.

Rose Colored Glasses can be purchased here:

Also forthcoming, my Reality Talk Show which is scheduled to debut in March 2008. More details to come later! I am super excited about this project and cannot wait to share the stories I intend to unearth and the laughter and tears I intend to share with the public. This idea came to me in a dream and has an interesting story behind it which I will share on my first show... So I hope you will stay tuned in the future.

There's lots of things in store for 2008! This is only the beginning of the road to success. I've decided this year to abandon all fears and limitations and create my own path to happy-ness and well-being. I am directly responsible for my own success and realizing my own dreams.

It's time I took my first step.

I'm jumping off the cliff!!!

With Love, Hugs and Inspiration,

Lisa Mae

Friday, January 11, 2008

News, Media, Updates!

Stay tuned for all the latest news and updates for Lisa Mae! More information coming soon!